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“Give pedal to cancer” Užice 2021.

The counseling center for women with breast cancer “Jefimija” once again this year, for the seventh time, gave support to the campaign “Give the pedal to cancer – region 2021.” which was organized by the association Women’s Center “Milica”. Through this event, the Counseling Center “Jefimija” wants to point out the importance of prevention, self-examination, healthy diet, sports and generally healthy lifestyles as prerequisites for health, as well as for patients with breast cancer to be more visible to society and the system. The city of Uzice has been the patron of this event for five years and it is…

Program “We are here for you” in Sjenica

The counseling center “Jefimija”, through the program of increasing the availability of support for women suffering from breast cancer “We are here for you”, has finally started working in Sjenica as well. The program includes meetings with women from the municipality of Sjenica with a diagnosis of breast cancer and support people, and through health, psychological, informational and experiential support workshops we get to know the difficulties they encounter during the treatment process and provide all support and concrete help to overcome these difficulties. A very important segment is the discussion of essential issues such as lack of psychological support…

Free mobile mammogram exams in Užice

Due to the overall epidemiological situation, and in order to reduce the risk of disease and health promotion,women between the ages of 50 and 69 will have the opportunity to undergo a preventive examination for breast cancer on the mobile mammogram in Užice. Bringing the mobile mammogram affects the increase of awareness about the necessity of periodic examination by which cancer can be detected at an early stage and thus enable successful treatment of the disease. The examination is free and does not require a referral, the recording lasts about five minutes and about 80 examinations can be performed daily….