About us

The group was founded on bigining 2013. It was founded by a group of women, activists and beneficiaries who had already participated in the activites of the health programme of Women Centre Uzice. We developed the programme of working with ill women, working on prevention, legal solutions and improvement of the scope of rights and conditions to preserve and protect women’s health.

The specific direction towards the field of female health and the complexity of the issue have lead to the separation of the health programme of Women Centre Uzice to its daughter organization – NGO Breast Care Center Jefimija which was registered as an individual women’s NGO on begining 2013. Women Centre Uzice and BCC Jefimija still have a partnership relationship.

The organization operates at the local, regional and national levels as well as the internatinal – regional level. With its direct activities, as the project holder, through partnerships and cooperation it carries out the activities primarily in western Serbia – in Uzice municipality and 10 municipalities of the Zlatibor County (with the population of 365,000) The beneficiaries of the activities of Jefimija are also ill women from the neighbouring countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, the borders being 60 and 100 km away from Uzice. Except in Uzice we do not have any representatives of our organization in other places.
Through cooperation we also implement activities with other NGOs and health care institutions both from central and southern Serbia and Vojvodina.


The mission of the group is to improve the quality of life of women by realizing female human rights, particularly the rights for health in all the aspects of social life.


We aim to create more appropriate conditions for protection and promotion of female health by improving the position of women, preventing and early phase diagnosing of illnesses, accomplishing proper conditions for treatment and rehabilitation, influencing legal and social solutions that would result in optimal conditions in the field of women’s position and health in all social backgrounds of Serbia.

Principal of work

The group is made up of women exclusively. The participants in the program’s project have equal opportunities and partnership in decision-making and input on project and proposals.


  1. Working with women – female population and women suffering from breast cancer – educate wider range of population on significance of early detection of BC; organizing women suffering from BC in order to: provide them with psychological support (self-help groups, psychological workshops and psychotherapy, SOS), educate women suffering from BC on easier overcoming of problems that accompany BC; collecting aid in means of medications, wigs, prosthesis, bras; foundation of the loan found.
  2. Cooperation with medical institutions – implementation of principles of gender equality in medical institutions; cooperation with medical institutions, Local government and Ministry of Health in the Republic of Serbia. By training and our presence in medical institution we influence exercising of female human rights within them through improvement of procedures and we develop the sensitivity of medical staff to recognize the principle of gender equality and the influence on women’s disease. We are especially oriented towards making medical staff aware and sensitive to the particularity of the women’s health and position, to do the medical examination when the women come (and not to reject them because they do not have an appointment), not to put all problems down to menopause, to respect the principles of availability, justice, to respect differences, to have a holistic approach to health, to be oriented towards promotion of health, disease prevention and development of partnership
  3. Impact on health policy and better legisation in the field of women’s health – Actitivities with the aim to recognize the problems in treating female health in practice which are a consequence of poor legal solutions or practice, making the authorites and public aware, and the activities and pressure towards better health policy, legislation and social measures in the field of women’s health. with such activities we have accomplished equal allocation of chomotherapy medicaments throughout Serbia, so that all women suffering from BC are equal and have the medicines available. We influenced the increase in social benefits for medical equipment for women suffering from BC. Through the National Association of Cancer-treated Patients „NALOR“ we are currently trying to introduce treatment coordinators, who do not exist in our health system, in our medical practice.


Program director: Slavica Simić
Coordinator for Health program in medical institutions: Maja Gulan
Self help activites: Ljubica Kovačević